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textiles, apparel, leather, and footwear

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Textiles, Apparel, Leather, and Footwear

Our unique nano materials allows us to help our clients increase their productivity and competitiveness of their products and solutions in the industry of textiles, apparel, leather, and footwear.

<strong>02</strong> Leather

Ideal for creating permanently antibacterial surfaces.

Our products

  • ZANILAST+ Sanitizing and antibacterial additive (long lasting).
<strong>03</strong> Textiles

Solutions that allow for the creation of surfaces that are::

Our products

Our Process

Our efficient process of evaluation and product development allows us to design the most appropriate solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

1. Analysis


Our preliminary analysis allow us to carefully understand the elements required to develop an approriate solution for our customer's needs.

2. Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Our value proposition allows our clients to evaluate the benefits of our unique nano technologies.

3. Prototype development

Prototype development

We create functional prototypes that lets the client measure its own benefits without the production risks.

4. Testing and Validation

Testing and Validation

We test, adjust, check and develop the final solution for the customer

We develop customized solutions

Our efficient process of product development allows us to provide you with a fast and easy process that accomodate for every client´s need.


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